Biosyntonie Therapy

  • Spleen
  • Nitrogen for Bone
  • Omphalys 

Therapies by Margo...

Herbal Consultation/Evaluation for Nutrition & Wellness, multi cultural approach.

Brain Neurological Integration

  • Brain Therapy - Skilled Manual Manipulation
  • LDT - Advanced Lymph Drainage Therapy 
  • LVD - Lymph Visceral
  • Herbals, BioSyntonie, Applied Kinesiology (Brimhall Certification)
  • Cranial Sacral

Structural & Neural Integration

  • Brain Therapy
  • MFR - Myofascial Release by John Barnes
  • LDT - Advanced Lymph techniques
  • MASP - Manual Articulation of the Spine & Pelvis by John Barrall, DO
  • VM - Visceral (Organ) Manipulation
  • LVD - Lymph visceral
  • CST - Cranial Sacral

Trauma & Emotional Releasing

  • Herbal Evaluation
  • Brain Therapy
  • Heart Centered Therapy
  • MFR - Unwinding, Subtle Ene

Added Help


  • Foot Detoxification

Balances the body's energy levels throughout the body which in turn provides you more vitality.

  • Far Infrared Sauna - See Learn More...
  • Colon Hydrotherapy (with Prescription) refer to Document download to take for your RX 
  • Equine Therapy

With a unique blend of Herbology, Brain Curriculum, Advanced Lymph Drainage, Myofascial Release and innate Animal Skills!

This is not a massage -  as often referred to as Equine Therapy. Addressing structural or emotional imbalances or pain, via the fluid ground substance, freeing their central nervous system, organ tissues and finally the bone structure and muscles. 

They LOVE Brain, Lymph and Myofascial techniques with Margo's Herbals.  They respond quickly to release structural injuries and pain, trauma, or fear that upsets their behavior and performance.

As with Human companions it addresses adhesions (scar tissue), stress, depression, nervous system restrictions and other "unhealthy" conditions  Improving their quality of life!  Don't forget the dogs!



  • EDS - Electro Dermal Screening
  • Live Cell Analysis
  • Hair Analysis
  • Herbal Consultations w/ Tongue & Pulse, Ayurveda Evaluations or 
  • Applied Kinesiology
  • Customized Remedies

Consultations with Gary: 1 hour

Herbal/Nutrition Consultations: 1 hour

If you feel your condition requires more time be sure to talk to the Reception Coordinator about this for appropriate scheduling and fee.


Do not wear perfume or perfumed laundered clothing.

For Live Cell and EDS:

 Avoid: eating before Assessments, hydrate with water! 

Following your appointments/sessions with Gary or Margo:  

Bring a healthy snack with you (GF & SF) or purchase one from us.  Drink plenty of water and eat healthy foods that are easy to digest. (Baked, broiled fish and larger portions of vegetables.)

After Bodywork:  You may want to bring a companion to drive you home.  

Avoid: You may feel great! But not the time for strenuous activities for next 48 hours, such as cleaning garage, sports etc.

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QFW Services

EAV/EDS (Electro Dermal Screening), is based on measuring skin resistance at acupuncture points, originated in the 1950's in Germany.  The number of practitioners using this method today is growing worldwide.  EDS is one of the finest non-invasive methods in Biological Medicine today to evaluate patients and tailor individual treatment protocols.  Dr. Andreas Marx, who originally studied with Dr. R. Voll, Dr. W. Ludwig and Bernard Muschlien.  Here at Quest For Wellness we use this meridian testing with therapy protocols regarding German Biological Therapy Protocols, Herbals, Nutrition, Homeopathy, Spagyrics, and more.

The Detoxification and Drainage remedies also complement the Advanced Bodywork and Therapies at QFW that optimize your detoxification , while supporting healthy cell regeneration.

Advanced Bodywork with Brain (Brain & Neurological) Therapy; Myofascial Release & others listed under Services.

These therapies that require highly trained and skilled palpation are often termed, "Complimentary Care." This means these practices when used together with  conventional medicine, is considered “complementary.”

A skilled Therapist can palpate and release restrictions that allow the brain to communicate better with itself and the body.  Anyone who has ever had a fall or been in various forms of accidents may have micro restrictions.  Holding patterns of neural firing may also interfere with optimal brain functions.  This approach to neural-connectivity has given hundreds of clients relief from many various neurological symptoms and deficits.  Forms of non-cognitive Post Traumatic Stress is often released and Clients report feeling like themselves again or feel deep emotional shifts.  At QFW we have cases least one such case a Client reported after her session of Brain Therapy her troubled Equine relationship was gone.  Their positive relationship remained.

Another testimony:

"After one session of Advanced Lymph, application of Brain Curriculum  for  my neck trauma resulting from various accidents, I felt normal in a way I hadn't felt in literally years. I had forgotten what a "normal" feeling really felt like." MB Miller


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Check out Brain Therapy Video

 Check out this great video about the Brain therapy we offer from Dr. Chikly's advancing the field of Lymphatic training and techniques to address pain, whiplash, PTSD, and more; suitable for all ages! 

Myofascial Release Video

  • What is Fascia?
  • What is Myofascial Release?
  • How Can MFR help You?
  • Alternative Medicine