Lalman Life Screening Instrument Evaluative Approach & Instructions

What to Do for Your Appointment...

Locate the HealthQuest Choices Portal Button on this Website Home page. Once inside you may schedule your appointment and fill in the LLSI INTAKE FORM to submit before taking the following steps...

We Request your Photos...Do's & Don'ts for Photos & Appointments

• Fill in the Comprehensive LLSI Intake Form, answer every step to closest match

• Photos of Tongue and bottom of tongue

• Photos of your Left & Right Eye - zoomed to Iris and another showing whites

• Email your photos prior to appointment at least 3 days in advance

• Do not brush your teeth or eat anything that will stain or color your tongue before photos, like mints, gum, candy's, Cheeto's - Morning shots are best.

• For Eye photos, have Contact lenses Removed and no eye make-up.

• For Consultation do not wear face make-up if possible, it will assist your evaluation to see your face coloration and contours that presents factors in your current health.

• If you have your nails professionally done, let us know if they were any nail problems before. Or if you've noticed things like lengthwise up and down ridges or horizontal cross nail grooves, pits or anything else, please share.

Photo Samples

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Quest For Wellness, LLC
Quest For Wellness, LLC

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