Meet The Team

Gary P. Lalman, OD, EDS Technician


Gary was raised on a Ranching Farm in Oklahoma.  His background was purely agricultural and nature.  He had the experience as a teenager upon receiving his first pair of eye glasses and seeing what was at the top of those electrical poles!  You may say he truly got a view of how a little correction for people can mean a lot to change their lives!  Along the way of his medical education he became at "Optometric Physician."  The Optometrist of his day  interested in natural supplements saw the movement of this field into Nutrition and Health with symptoms and disease associated.

When he met Margo, he had stepped out of the box and attended Iridology seminars.  He was impressed with her disciplined eating lifestyle due to health issues and her knack with herbs. 

Their quest for health with Margo's Chronic Illness and often acute emergencies, gave him educational opportunities with German Homeopaths,  apprenticing in Acupuncture, Polarity, Nutrition and Dietary research among many things. 

(Ask him about training in acupuncture in central america!)  Once they found things that had a scientific basis for formulation and truly worked, they decided to make these therapies and products available in one affordable location to others. There is truly no one like Gary; his love for people combined with his education and medical experience means you are not  just seeing  a "technician";  and his passion for what he does is infectious. He says 'Laughter is still the best medicine!"  

Gary and Margo continue to  travel across the US attending Nutritional/Medical Seminars with world wide educators; remaining in the leading forefront with Nutritional and Health Research and quality product availability. Call the QFW number now for your truly individualized well plan.

Margo Lalman, RH (AGH), LMT, NCBTMB, LTC, LLCC


Margo grew up on a ranch in Oklahoma.  Her father raised Registered Quarter Horses, and she was an avid rider, active in training and caring for them until her health no longer allowed this.  Choosing not to give into her little understood health challenges and following years of several surgeries and being bedridden for 2 years; Margo eventually became a Colon Hydrotherapist and later graduated from Massage School in 1999, after more than 25 years of extreme chronic illness.

Her Quest For Wellness has involved careful examination of technology, scientific and historical based training and "hands on" or manual skills.

Going beyond basic education, she was the first of two practitioners completing the accreditation by Dr. Chikly for the Advanced Lymph and Lymphedema techniques; an Educator for Colon Hydrotherapy, Introductory to Lymph Drainage Therapy and Herbals, Teachers Assistant with IAHP for LDT and Brain.

Margo's years of education in various nutritional fields include completion of Matthew Woods' full herbal curriculum and acceptance into the American Herbal Guild as a Registered Herbalist, certification in Live Cell Microscopy and Myofascial Release, BioSyntonie and more.

These European Osteopathic and/or MFR techniques translate into gentle, non-invasive, yet powerful bodywork for You and your Equine companion.

How? By addressing the fluid medium then progressing to the Central nervous system, organ tissues, bone structure and muscle alignments.  Brain and Integrated MFR have been documented to help soldiers with Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome.  Clients are thrilled with the pain relief, mental clarity, and hormonal balancing they have experienced!


The meaning behind our logo


 We are committed to providing the best products and services available with up to date research and education to back it.  To enhance  the quality of peoples lives with an effective blend of modern technology and time-tested methods, to re-establish a healthful balance and facilitate the body's own healing mechanisms.  Integrity is of utmost importance with our team! 

Our staff represents well over 100 years in practice experience.  A broad range of Education with Alternative Wellness and Complimentary Care, Herbalism and Nutrition, Continued Education with Medical Seminars and Service Modalities.

We were asked to share our Logo story... The Earth represents our commitment to the use of  natural plant products from around the world tested by time and technology.  The Medicinal  plant Vine and Flower blossoms are the Chinese Orchid Dendrobium Nobile. The frog: Where this little creature is found in the Rainforest and other natural habitat, his presence says "it's a healthy, balanced environment."  Our approach is about your body's inner environment getting to a better place. 

Colors: represent the balance of color and light in nature for health.  Stones & Water play a vital role in health and therapy.  We use the highest level  of water filtration available for Colon Hydrotherapy and quality FDA closed systems.

Around the world in one shop...


We keep a large inventory of Quest For Wellness product line of Nutraceuticals and Herbal tinctures for your needs, and other Practicioner only 

GMO, Soy, Gluten Free products, that do not contain cheap fillers.

Check out our store for Essential Oils, Diffusers/Nebulizers and much more.

For Home Health:  We have Myofascial stretching tools and of-course BioSyntonie and Shungite devices for varied EMF protection. if you don't see it in our online store yet, call and ask! 

For your quality assurance, there is a NO RETURN Policy on all Nutritional balancing products.