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Ancient to Modern Analyses & Therapies

Ancient to Modern Analyses & Therapies

The Leading Edge of Equipment & Therapies

  • Lalman Life Screening Instrument - LLSI with EAV Screening

  • Biofeedback Analysis using sample kit

  • Bioterrain with urine

Touch of Margo...
Since 1999 Margo has been very particular with the caliber of continued and specialized therapies she has pursued. Reaching out for many modalities, along the lines of European Osteopathy that she may use; she found in the following to touch people the deepest in their lives with longer lasting results.

  • Brain & Neurological techniques, Brain Allergies & Toxins
  • Lymph Drainage Therapy (LDT)
  • LDT Advanced for Lymph Visceral, Lymphofascial -  Bone 
  • LDT for CFS, Fibromyalgia, MS & Chronic Neuroinflammations
  • Heart Centered Therapy
  • Equine & Pet Companions - using LDT, Brain Neurological & Lymphofascia Release & Herbals
  • Stone Therapy
  • Colon Hydrotherapy
  • Lymph in the Brain - 

Brain Therapy & CST on Active Duty Soldiers with Chronic PTSD and Traumatic Brain Injury, Lauren Davis, PhD, LMT, BCTMB et, al., Journal of Bodywork and Movement Therapies

Dr. Chikly's "Brain 1" Desensitizing Technique on RSD Pain, Keira Lynn, LMT, CST, RYT, BANewsletter, 2012 Nobility and Our Therapeutic Response, Molly Clark, PT, LMT, LLCC, Newsletter, 2013


Beauty & Spa Detox - is a professional Steam Sauna cabinet with your HealthQuest Choice of Herbal blends in your steam or Essential Oils. Complete with Ozone for detoxification, rejuvenation Skin health & Beauty. Bring a gallon glass bottle with plastic lid... (we can refer) for your complimentary gallon of ozoned water. Completed with Aromatic refreshing Cool & Wet cloth

Energy Balancing Pulsar - This equipment offered in package sessions can be described in approach by the Language of Frequencies and the Bio-Energy support pendant. Many have found this to be boosting and supporting while dealing with Chronic imbalances such as Lyme's.

Healy Device - Another approach to energy resonance FDA approved with Pain management. Optional category and duration of cycles.

We are very excited to be re-opening with the foundational Lalman Life Screening Instrument, LLSI,...a Clinical Needs Assessment System! ...Devoted to providing a tailored approach for your body's balancing toward health and wellness. Even from a distance. Now complete with introducing our new DBA which seems appropriate in the changing world...HealthQuest Choices!  Our mission is the same of "Personalized Care with Natural Healing...Committed to helping you find ways to enhance the quality of your life."   Your numerous request for Live Cell Analysis was heard, we found the replacement in the improved technology - Biofeedback scan with sample kit.

In our mission, to understand the "why" is to know the "who"...

Gary and Margo were both raised in agricultural communities of Oklahoma with a more southern mixed with western culture. Gary was raised on a Farming Ranch and was surprised as a teenager with his first pair of glasses to realize what the telephone poles were and they had a top! You can say his "view" changed..."sometimes small corrections can make dramatic changes in peoples lives." He learned with an unusual process of being open to new thoughts.  As a young boy he was drowning in the pond when he thought to sink to the bottom so he could walk out...And he did!

Margo was raised from a toddler on the back of a horse, and that's where you could find her or in the barn, observing nature in the woods or meadows...and singing.  She loved how coyotes and other animals would come out of hiding to stop and listen to her whistle or sing.  There were always colts to train and different horses to ride as her father kept over 20 head of his bloodline of Registered Quarter Horses.  He was a true old time cowboy and gifted horseman like many well known today.

With no understanding of her physical chronic health issues worsening with CMV in her teens, she eventually had to leave behind her life with horses. Yet found a true companion with Gary; coming together in a blended family and raising their daughters.   As a team Gary kept Margo alive on numerous occasions, rather than cave into despair he used these times as opportunities to expand his knowledge he thrived on.  He could always expect something unusual of Margo such as wanting to live in the jungles of Belize, which they did live a time in Belize. They often did volunteer work as Margo's strength permitted, while maintaining Private Practices both in Oklahoma and New Jersey, until beginning Quest For Wellness in 1999.  These background experiences set a foundation for the practice they have created together in passion for the gift of life...rather that be critter or human.

As many Clients know, Margo had to take a quest sabbatical in recent years, as she improved she reviewed countless historical herbal sources in creating the labor intensive Lalman Life Screening Instrument.  Also, celebrating her academic enhancements qualifying for and becoming a Registered Herbalist with the American Herbal Guild. Together they are becoming established in the history and competent production of exotic and diverse Medicinal Orchid Species, and Margo tapping in to Native roots through Cherokee language courses.  When COVID is truly over, she's looking forward to seeing all of you for her famous hugs!


"Let me begin by saying it has been a real pleasure experiencing the Wellness Center. I recommend Gary Lalman to anyone that really seeks answers and solutions to their health issues... I sought advice from a retired doctor know as "Dr. Milagros," which means Dr. Miracles in Spanish. She referred me to Quest For Wellness as a last quest for answers....Being sick or unhealthy is no joke and even though I had to make life-changing choices, caring individuals like Gary and the Quest For Wellness Center gave me a real chance to live out my dreams. Thanks again Gary for giving me the confidence, knowledge, and tools to take on anything. I'm looking forward to my next appointment." OR

"Would you please let Margo know that my hip pain has gone to zero since her treatment this morning? I feel wonderful. When I cam home, I changed my pants. I had not realized how much pain I waist when I did something basic like changing my pants. It was a completely painless this time - and that's after driving 2 hours to get home. I was worried that my drive home would mess things up a bit - but it didn't at all. Please pass along a thousand "thank you's" to Margo for me." AS

"After my brain session I was reading to my family when they stopped me and said, "Mom! Your dyslexia is gone." Then the problem I have been having with my horse was gone...we now have a good relationship." Anonymous


To experience how a soft touch on the brain, neurological or lymph can bring profound changes clients have shared through the years, Margo loves the Butterfly Effect quote,' A butterfly can flap its wings in Peking, and in Central Park, you get rain instead of sunshine. These phenomena are often described by fractal mathematics, which captures the infinite complexity of nature.

By understanding that our ecosystems, our social systems, and our economic systems are interconnected, we can hope to avoid actions which may end up being detrimental to our long-term well-being. A small change can make much bigger changes happen; one small incident can have a big impact on the future.


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