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Detox Simplified

The word "detox" gets used frequent enough that many people are familiar with the concept, so they go to the local store for detox tea and a Psyllium based fiber for a good quick pooh, feel great, all is well and good...but is it really?

On the other hand, many Clients through the years found very extensive and complicated daily specific regimens.  These also used peristaltic stimulating herbs and psyllium and as they said, "afterwards it was almost euphoric."  But the feeling didn't last long, and they kept trying programs to achieve that same feeling...but felt pulled down more and more.

These items were accepted in the common bowel restorative/cleansing philosophy when medicine was unwelcoming to them.  There were several devoted health educators of that time such as Dr. Kellogg and later Bernard Jensen, LaDean Griffin and others.  Actually bowel cleansing was used by medicine before marketing and popularizing  laxatives and antibiotics.  The environment and lifestyle of cultures in the early 1900's was very different from our life and environment today.  On the average people drank more water and weren't as dehydrated.  They ate less prepackaged meals of fillers, dyes, flavorings and other chemicals.  In today's environment good water is an issue and we become dehydrated ...many live in a chronic state of dehydration.  There are now better fiber options than psyllium to the constipated, for our day.  I have witnessed and experienced psyllium cleansing from the view tube during Colon Hydrotherapy sessions years after the Client last ingested psyllium products.

What in general is still difficult to remember is that our body is overloaded with exposures to chemicals in our food, water, the air we breathe, radiation and for those with more electro-magnetic frequency sensitivities that stores in our body.  And for some people more than others.  We've all heard to old saying, "What goes up must come down..."

It is not so different with what goes in creates waist that must come out.  It is only reasonable that while taking products to cleanse targeted organs, or more general protocols you should now add extra bowel movements beyond your daily BM routine.  Then if your wellness practitioner has suggested a detox and cleansing regimen, it is important that you allow your bowel movement opportunity a quick way out.

You need a good exit strategy...

Colon Hydrotherapy has been an excellent way for many to achieve this - and decrease the Herxheimer reaction, for individuals with more chronic health imbalances or unhealthy eating.  This  can be thought of as the body cleansing toxins from tissue quicker than the bowel can eliminate them.  Having experienced hundreds Colon Hydrotherapies myself through the years, compared with fountain enema bags, I often compared it to entering the high seas in a luxury ocean liner for its' overall ease and relaxation rather than entering the high seas in a small vessel.  The same for moving the excess toxins out much quicker and relaxing to alleviate the Herxheimer reactions or autointoxication.  Remember these excess toxins are entering your body on a daily basis and storing in various areas of your body including connective tissue.

In this process, it has been found that our emotional baggage through the years may and often does attach with waist we hold onto.  Therefore, a well-trained therapist providing Colon Hydrotherapy can assist your awareness of emotions where they may detach to release in a clean and simple manner... down the tube.  Some have reported old feelings of depression stirred they hadn't felt for years, gone when their cleansing sessions were completed.  It is a very simple way to have a bowel cleanse and Re-hydrate.  In the past, working with medical doctors and prescriptions, we witnessed Colon Hydrotherapy used during C-Difficile, Spastic bowel, COPD, and seeing young children get relief from impacted constipation, toning bowel muscle, weight loss and more.

But what if you’re not a candidate for Colon Hydrotherapy during COVID or other reasons?

The answer may very well be the enema kit, Implant O'Rama.  You can use coffee for this awesome little system.  When coffee is retained after waist is relieved, avoiding the high pressure of fountain bags, or irritation of the fleets.   Contents in the Sigmoid bowel is taken up into the blood stream, every four minutes, through the lesser mesentery vein, to the greater mesentery and portal vein delivering to the liver.  When coffee enemas are used and delivered to the liver in these four minute cycles it is said that your body's production of glutathione is increased.  Glutathione is a friend to your brain and in a stabilized nutritional form has been used for Parkinson's Disease treatment.  Its' also used for increased brain health, prevention or prolonged function with onset of brain disease.  This also means that every four minutes what toxicity with your stool setting in the Sigmoid is also recycling back through the liver adding to its' already 500 known functions.  Did you know medicine is now seeing and promoting the correlation between the Gut health and the Brain health?

We invite you to have a look see at the Implant O'Rama material and consider this little gem of a Health Choice in our Shop!  A simple low pressure home enema replacement that can clean backed up waist from the Sigmoid bowel, a real plus when Colon Hydrotherapy is unavailable.

If you would like more detailed information of Frequently Asked Question about the Bowel and Cleansing with Colon Hydrotherapy - Fact and Fiction, please let us know and we will add the page!

by Margo Lalman