Health & Hygiene – Old Lesson for New times!

Years ago there was a product on the market for Health Practitioners and licensed Bodyworkers to use for health and hygiene.  Over clinical time it was validated that this hygiene boosted the wellness of the health care professional avoiding viruses, parasites and other demands of the practitioner’s immune system in public health care. 


Pathogens like to harbor under our fingernails and then enter our body through our nasal passages and our mouths; because we touch a lot of things then our faces and mouths.  The company producing this product was a specific hygiene for this reason.  It was later purchased by another company then promptly removed from the market. Hmm.  Oh well, that event could be a discussion for another day…

I am sharing a similar formula – non manufactured, with the active ingredients and items to use. This came to me early in 2019; on one of those nights you think you are asleep, but really in more of a dream time, realizing the ingredients were available and you can make it at home! How timely and needed during the COVID condition now and a general good health/hygiene daily life gem!

Life Hack Gem Recipe:

  • 1 Bar Kirks Bar Soap – Coconut base
  • 1/4 cup food grade Hydrogen Peroxide
  • 21 drops Grape seed extract
  • 12 drops Lugo’s Iodine
  • 1/8 cup White Lightening or GF Vodka can be an added disinfectant
  • Decorative Jar, Ball wide mouth, 250 ml size, can be ordered on line or purchased in Walmart or Fry’s
  • Plastic Lid for wide mouth jar
  • Natural Bristle Nail Brush – Natural Grocers, Health Food Stores

Directions for making:

  • Take Bar of Soap – cut in half and place in jar
  • Pour the Hydrogen Peroxide and Grape seed Extract over the Soap
  • Shake the ingredients well and let set over night.
  • The fluids will have started absorbing into the soap and softening the soap.
  • After this process is when it’s best to add the alcohol to the formula and with clean spatula or butter knife, mix and stir in.
  • This becomes a finger dip.  You dip your fingernails in a couple of times to work the solution under your nails.

Now What?

  • Then you take your natural bristle nail brush, wet it and begin cleaning under your nails. 
  • This will foam; you set the brush aside and slather your hands with the soap counting seconds to give full coverage and exposure as you thoroughly wash hands and lower forearms.
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