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Healing Services We Offer Nationwide

Healing Services We Offer Nationwide

What is BioSyntonie?

Therapy for the Modern World

We are so excited to share Electro-Magnetic Frequency Protection Devices that truly work with today's advanced technology!

Man Made Frequencies Are Disruptive to Your Health!

As technology advances we have more health issues than ever before. We like the convenience of our amazing devices such as Smart Phones & iPads, Electrical Home Fuse Box-"Smart Meters," Computers, Refrigerators and Freezers, and Home Entertainment Centers. All these devices create powerful artificial waves which are very harmful to the body. They can contribute to many health issues emotional, mental and physical.

You may think you just have to live with it - or die with it...
Today we have protective devices that offer mitigation to the problems that are caused by the new technologies. These devices create resonance of natural waves from the artificial and natural waves in their environment. They create strong fields of natural waves which feed the body proper information thus mitigating the negative effects of the artificial waves. Invest in your quality of life and future well-being. Natural waves are essential for proper function of all biological systems. This is the reason you feel better on the beach, mountains and forests (as pictured here), where the natural waves are more dominant than the artificial waves.

With BioSyntonie the resonance phenomena are created by various "micro -crystalline" suspended in the ceramics. The different crystallization's are made to create the correct resonance or natural waves which will mitigate the various types of polluting artificial waves created by various devices.

We Are Distributors in Conjunction with Dr. Hanoch Talmor

Quest For Wellness owner/member Margo has experienced the debilitating effects of Smart technology, the upgrades to the airports microwaves, the meters that draw certain geographical locations to exaggerate these microwaves, and advanced generation cell towers, it is everywhere.

Gary reached out to our vendors for an expert with EMF protection for today's modern technology and that is how we met Dr. Talmor.

"My rehabilitation has demanded viable protection," stated Margo. Protection devices as well as various BioSyntonie therapy programs has allowed her to continue living in the modern world.

Thus started another branch of quest for wellness education with Dr. Talmor. This highlights how and why we are so happy to be associated with a foremost educator and practitioner in this field in the US. These devices come directly from France, made in France by Terre de Lys and Pierre Nicholas. We are pleased to provide them for you and your specific needs.

About EMF's

All man-made waves...

Electric fields, cell phones, iPad's, TV, Radio, microwave towers and more are termed "bi-dimensional sinus waves." We KNOW these waves are real because they make our cell phones and other devices work!!!

How do they affect me?

These artificial frequencies are penetrating our bodies and giving misinformation every second of every day. Misinformation can then disrupt the normal function to our Brain and Nervous System, or any Body system and DNA. The end results? May be Physical, mental and physical symptoms and Stress.

Examples of high EMF pollution are people who live or work near power lines, in front of computers for long periods, around WiFi etc...

Quest For Wellness, LLC.

Solutions and Relief

The various protection and therapy devices may be ceramic discs or ovules of various sizes that look similar to an egg. When they are put in place, the bodies heat will activate the resonating waves that enter biological systems, mitigating the natural waves.

These do not require recharging or energizing and the micro crystalline doesn't dissipate, weaken, or absorb toxicity. The devices only lose their proper resonating ability when they are broken.

Greater energetic well-being may help mental, physical, and emotional well-being.  This facilitates the body healing itself at its own rhythm and priorities.

BioSyntonie does not diagnose or cure any illness or disease, BioSyntonie's noninvasive approach isn't concerned with a disease.

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Biosyntonie Return Policy

*Undamaged BioSyntonie devices may be returned within 30 days of purchase. *Returned devices will be charged a restocking fee of 10%. *Shipping costs are non-refundable. *All deivces that were special ordered will be charged a 20% restocking fee, if returned within 30 days. *Devices must be returned via FedEx or USPS and insured for the full value. *The customer is responsible for any loss or damage from shippping.

Dangers of EMFs

Dangers of EMF, RF and other Man Made Pollutants


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